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EA/1 - Rochester Medical Spirit Style 2 Male External Catheter Large 36mm

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Spirit Style 2 Male External Catheter Large 36mm, 1-1/2" L Hydrocolloid Sheath, 1-1/2" W Adhesive, Silicone, Latex-Free

Combines adhesive and moisture-wicking properties of hydrocolloid with the breathability and flexibility of silicone. Combines forward adhesive technology with a 1-1/2" sheath. The maximum adhesive area on a short sheath provides men with a catheter for their specific needs.

  • Hydrocolloid adhesive sheath.
  • All-Silicone construction.
  • Transparent material.
  • Kink-resistant design.
  • Self-adhering.
  • Forward placement of adhesive.
  • Latex-free.