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EA/1 - Poiesis Duette™ Dual-Balloon 2-Way Foley Catheter 16Fr

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Poiesis Medical Duetteâ„¢ Dual-Balloon 2-way Urinary Catheter 16Fr, 10cc Retention Balloon with 5cc Bladder Protection Balloon, 100% Silicone

The Duette dual balloon, 100% silicone urinary catheter, is designed to maintain bladder mucosa integrity with its patented bladder protection balloon. Drainage eyes are located in between the retention and bladder protection balloon, designed for eliminating mucosa aspiration into the exposed drainage eyes and facilitating uninterrupted drainage.

“When sufficient damage is caused to the bladder defense mechanism……….bacterial adherence to the mucosa or exposed mucosal cell receptors occurs, and the patient develops symptomatic cystitis” Curtis Nickel, MD FRCSC and J. William Costerton PhD.