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PK/100 - Trio Pearls Gelling and Odor Control Sachet, 100 Count

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package of 100

Trio Pearls® Ostomy care sachet is designed for ostomates with liquid stool, it can provide control of the output in stoma bag by absorbing fluid in loose stool and so help to prevent leaks and prevent filters from clogging. It is not just a gelling agent, it also contains a patented nanoactive technology which is a porous organic compound that specifically absorbs odor Molecules.

  • Perfect for: Overnight use for a good night's sleep, long journeys or flights- take it on holiday, social occasions such as parties/restaurants/theater/cinema, active pursuits, everyday use.
  • Benefits: Prevent leaks during periods of prolonged wear, gel does not stain clothing or toilet, eliminate sloshing, makes the pouch more discreet and comfortable to wear.