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CA/20 - Sterile Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber 2,000 mL

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Amsino AMSure® Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-reflux Flutter Valve 2000mL Diamond Shape Large, Sterile, Latex-free Straps

Amsino Urinary Drainage Bag, Diamond Shape, 2000ml, Bottom Draining with Universal Hanger, Anti-Reflux Chamber, Urine Sampling Adapter, Sterile Fluid Pathway. 11/32" Drainage Tube. Latex-free. Equipped with anti-reflux chamber or anti-reflux flutter valve and with needless sampling port. Graduated in 200cc increments. Contoured design allows for more even filling and complete emptying. Terraced catheter adapter permit secure, leak
  • Diamond shape.
  • Large anti-reflux chamber.
  • Sterile fluid pathway.