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EA/1 - Lohmann & Rauscher Debrisoft® Debridement Pad, 4" x 4"

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Debrisoft® Debridement pad is a quick, effective and virtually painless method of debridement producing rapidly visible results which speak for themselves. It can be relied on to remove debris and exudate from wounds and skin flakes and keratosis from the surrounding skin. New granulation tissue and epithelial cells are spared.

  • Angled Fiber tips loosen debris effectively from the wound and protect intact tissue.
  • Fiber composite also absorbs dead skin flakes and keratosis the skin surrounding the wound.
  • Safe and easy to use with rapidly visible results.
  • Soft Fibers make it virtually painless to use and increase patient acceptance.
  • Fields of application: Diabetic ulcers, arterial and venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, postoperative wound healing by secondary intention, to absorb exudate, debris and keratosis during debridement.
  • Advantages: Removes debris effectively in a quick and easy way, spares newly formed granulation tissue and already established epithelial cells, high patient acceptance, because it is virtually painless to use.
  • Composition: Composed of 100% unbleached polyester with a back layer made from polyacrylic (free of colophony and colophony derivatives).