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EA/1 - Hartmann-Conco TwoPress® 2 Component Compression Bandaging System

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  • Contents: 4" x 7.1yd and 4" x 8.9yd.
  • 1st layer is air permeable and highly absorbent up to 300% of its weight.
  • 2nd layer sticks to itself, not skin or hair.
  • Comfortable and ensures resting pressure is maintained for up to seven days.
  • Quick start edge unwinds easily to the core.
  • Easy to use: No measurement of the leg circumference.
  • Both bandages are hand tearable.
  • Uses: Two-layer, non-slip inelastic system that provides a comfortable, one-size-fits-all application lasting up to seven days of wear time.
  • Latex-free.