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EA/1 - Sterile Blood Draw Kit, Each

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DeRoyal Industries Inc Blood Draw Accessory Kit, Includes A Pair of Medium Gloves, 2 Medium Cotton Balls, 1 Latex-Free Tourniquet, 1 Alcohol Prep Pad, 1 Covaderm Plus, 2" x 2", Contains Natural Rubber Latex Which May Cause Allergic Reactions

  • Nine Laceration Trays, with components for local anesthesia and quality instruments for suturing.
  • Suture Removal Kits in five configurations.
  • Three types of I.V. Start Kits.
  • Six all-inclusive Dressing Kits for wound care, TNP/CVC, dressing changes, sharp debridement, blood draws and dialysis.
  • Primary or secondary dressing.