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CA/100 - Covaderm Plus Adhesive Dressing 4" x 14" Tape

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DeRoyal Industries Covaderm® Plus Adhesive Wound Dressing 4" x 14" Tape with 2" x 11" Pad, Non-adherent, Breathable

The low moisture vapor transmission rate of traditional film dressings can cause the accumulation of moisture at the vascular access site resulting in increased infections rates and blistering reactions on sensitive skin. The Covaderm Plus VAD dressing's unique design eliminates these concerns making it the ideal dressing for covering and protecting all central and peripheral vascular access sites.

  • Maintains moist environment with protection from outside contaminents.
  • Four layer construction:Protective non-adherent contact layer, Soft pad for drainage absorption, Breathable, semi-occlusive polyurethane barrier film, Conformable adhesive-coated fabric tape.
  • Prevents drainage strike-through.
  • Minimizes wound trauma.
  • Provides excellent moisture vapor transmission.
  • Ideal for many wound types.
  • Available with radial slit for tube sites.
  • Primary or secondary dressing.