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BX/10 - BSN Jobst® Cutimed® Sorbion® Sachet S Wound Dressing, 6" x 6"

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Cutimed® Sorbion® Sachet S Dressing is a versatile fiber dressing with high wearing comfort for primary wound contact.

  • High absorption capacity, long dressing wear time.
  • Fewer dressing changes.
  • Securely locks in exudate, even under compression.
  • Removes wound debris and locks in wound germs.
  • Maintains a moist wound environment by gel formation.
  • No binders or adhesives; well tolerated.
  • No risk of leakage, high tear strength.
  • Able to be applied on both sides.
  • Less odor formation.
  • For moderate to high exudate wound.
  • Superficial wound depth.
  • Sloughy wound phase.
  • Indications: Acute and chronic wounds, leg, foot and pressure ulcers, wounds healing by secondary intention.
  • Sterile.
  • Latex-free.