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EA/1 - Options™ Ladies' Ostomy Support Panty, with Split Crotch, Left, Size 14, 2XL, White

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Ladies' split-crotch ostomy support panty is designed for 24-hour wear. Perfect for intimate moments and active daywear, and when sleeping, split allows air to flow to body. Split-crotch also separates automatically for urination when knees spread apart.

  • Supports weight of contents, which relieves pull on stoma seal and prevents leakage, burning and itching.
  • Protects and eliminates pull on adhesive seal of wafer-extending wear time of wafer.
  • Prevents ballooning.
  • Absorbs moisture, preventing rashes and skin breakdown from pouch and wafer.
  • Prevents feeling pouch, heat or tail closure.
  • Reduces pouch rustle.
  • Easy access for intimacy.
  • Material: 92% cotton 8% Lycra.