At MediSourceDirect, product quality and safety are of paramount importance. Our product supply chain is highly regulated as well as transparent.  Our  pharmaceutical facilities are audited on a regular basis according to their local licensing requirements. 

At MediSourceDirect, we make every effort to provide the highest quality products to our patients and customers. To that end, all our vendors complete a quality assurance questionnaire.

Our goal is to make sure that our vendors comply with Quality Assurance objectives.  Quality Assurance principles include handling, record keeping, standards for cleanliness and safety, production and process controls, labeling practices, and warehousing and distribution.

MediSourceDirect maintains the very highest standards with regard to product quality and safety. We believe products must be demonstrably safe and 100% guaranteed from the manufacturer. 

Our stringent and transparent supply chain process maintains our pharmacists and pharmaceutical assistants must check and re-check all products that go into the mail.

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