Customer Service

MediSourceDirect will provide your account with a dedicated Account Manger to effectively manage your account. Your Account Manger will be readily available to assist you with  your inquiries, questions, and concerns,  Additionally, your Account Manager is part of a larger team that will help to assist your group.  At MediSourceDirect, customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. 

We build long term sustainable relationships with our clients by delivering consistent value through pricing, timely deliveries, and effective communication.

Our Account Mangers are in touch with numerous clinics, hospitals and medically licensed facilities on a daily basis. As such, our Account Manager's are able to help you and your group to more effectively run your business.

By picking up on best practices and benchmarking from other groups, we are able to pass on this valuable knowledge to our clients so that they can better manage inventories and take advantage of better pricing.  Ask your Account Manager how you can better manage your inventory. 

Product suggestions, anecdotal information from Doctors, and reimbursement information can dratically impact the amount you pay your suppliers each month.  

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