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Synvisc One



Buy Synvisc One 6ml Syringe manufactured by Genzyme.

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Synvisc One is a treatment known as a hyaluronan injection or a viscosupplement. This means that the Synvisc One acts in restoring the viscosity and elasticity of a joint as a result of its hyaluronic component. Synvisc One has been approved for medical use in treating osteoarthritis of the knee. Since its approval on February 26th, 2009 thousands of individuals have been treated with Synvisc One in the United States. Moreover, the manufacturer Genzyme has sold Synvisc One worldwide, especially in the European and Middle Eastern markets.

When an individual has a knee with osteoarthritis, the fluid in their joint, called the synovial fluid, is dissipated and allows for rubbing between their bones. This wears away cartilage, develops bone spurs, and further reduces the already low stores of fluid. Synvisc One augments the synovial fluid in a person’s knee, giving them renewed shock absorption in a very natural manner. This product starts to work one month after the first injection and continues to function for around six months.

Synvisc One differs from its earlier model, Synvisc Classic, in one manner. Synvisc Classic is sold in three (3) injections of two millilitres (2ml) while Synvisc One comes in one injection of six millilitres (6ml). It is worth noting that its earlier counterpart has been administered to over five million people in the US alone, indicating that Synvisc One will attain similar success. Medical Professionals who buy Synvisc One should prescribe it to patients who are experiencing osteoarthritis pain in the knee that has not dissipated with non-drug treatments and acetaminophen. Patients should avoid intense activity for at least forty-eight hours after receiving the injection.


Some of the side effects reported by professionals who buy Synvisc One include swelling, bruising, and a rash. It should not be given to patients who have exhibited an allergy to hyaluronic acid or those who have an infection in their knee or around the area of injection. In addition, patients should alert their physicians to any allergies to bird products before the treatment is administered. Finally, Synvisc One has not been tested on pregnant women and children.


We recommend that all licensed medical professionals and organizations, such as physicians, surgeons, hospitals, and clinics buy Synvisc One online at wholesale prices from We sell authentic Synvisc One manufactured by Genzyme, meaning that the product is safe and reputable. When you purchase Synvisc wholesale from us, you can rest assured that every product we sell comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Additional Information
Manufacturer     Genzyme
Brand     Synvisc
Strength     6 ml
Pack Size     1 pre-filled syringe

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