Interest in Personal Healthcare Drives Global Dermal Market2013-02-07

San Jose, California (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Biomaterials are of vital importance in the medical device industry, both for the discovery and development of synthetic organs, aesthetic procedures, and personal healthcare products. Growth in the biomaterials market continues to be fueled by heightened interest in personal healthcare and growing size of aging population. The dynamic and diverse market for biomaterials, comprising collagen and hyaluronic acid-based (HA-based) products, is led by the US market, as stated by the new market research report on Collagen and HA-based Biomaterials market. The US is followed by Europe and Japan.

Key growth drivers of the collagen and hyaluronic acid-based products include increasing prevalence of diseases, including osteoarthritis, along with a greater importance on fitness and health in old age. Other drivers include development of new products with wide application areas; introduction of single-injection viscosupplement products for osteoarthritis patients; strong growth in the underpenetrated developing markets, including the Asia-Pacific region; new vistas in implantable devices, tissue engineering, bone grafting substance, and facial aesthetic dermal fillers. Growth in future, however, is expected to emanate more from the developing regions of the world as rapid penetration as well as increased adoption of Collagen and HA based innovative products are expected in these regions.

Of the two segments, Hyaluronic Acid-based Biomaterials constitute the largest segment, dominated by the viscosupplements market. With the introduction of novel and convenient products such as single injection products, the viscosupplements market is expected to continue as the largest segment in the coming years. The major use of the viscosupplement products such as osteoarthritis (including knee, hip and shoulder) is forecast to witness increasing adoption of HA-based products over other pain relieving methods and replacement surgeries. Facial aesthetic dermal fillers is the fastest growing segment of HA-based biomaterials market, backed by the increased adoption of these novel and effective products, especially in the underpenetrated developing markets of China, India, and Brazil.

On the other hand, growth of the collagen-based biomaterials market is slowing down by increased competition from substitutes, including HA-based biomaterials. Facial aesthetic dermal fillers represent the largest application market for the use of Collagen-based biomaterials. However, the global market for Collagen-based facial aesthetic dermal fillers is forecast to decline due to a multitude of factors, including the emergence of safer as well as less allergic biomaterial based products such as HA-based dermal fillers and other innovative products including Botox.
The worldwide Collagen and HA-based biomaterials market is characterized by intense competition, with few players holding a major share of the market. Competition in the industry thrives on R&D, regulatory, and manufacturing capabilities of industry participants. Most companies are clear regional market leaders rather than global. Genzyme leads the US market for HA viscosupplement through its products Synvisc and Synvisc One. Other major players profiled in the report include Seikagaku, Allergan, Alcon Inc., Anika Therapeutics, Fidia, Q-Med AB, ABBOTT, Bausch & Lomb, Lifecore Biomedical, Teijin Pharma Limited, among others.

The research report titled “Collagen and HA-based Biomaterials: A Global Strategic Business Report” announced by Global Industry Analysts Inc., provides a comprehensive review of the Collagen and HA-based Biomaterials market, impact of the recent economic recession and the ongoing Euro-zone crisis on the Collagen and HA-based Biomaterials market, current market trends, future prospects, key growth drivers, issues and concerns, leading Collagen and HA-Based Biomaterial products, market share data of leading Collagen and HA-based biomaterials manufacturers, new product launches, strategic corporate deals, and profiles of major/niche global as well as regional market participants. The report analyzes market data and analytics in terms of dollars for the period 2010 through 2018 for regions including the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Rest of World. Key segments analyzed include Collagen Based Biomaterials (Urinary Incontinence Products, Corneal Shields, Facial Aesthetics Dermal Fillers, and Wound Dressings) and Hyaluronic Acid-Based Biomaterials (Viscosupplements, Viscoelastics, and Facial Aesthetics Dermal Fillers). Also, a six-year (2004-2009) historic analysis is provided for an additional perspective.

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