Synvisc for NBA2013-02-28

Philadelphia 76ers big man Andrew Bynum was in New York on Thursday to receive two Synvisc (joint lubricant) injections in his injured knees.

According to NBC Sports, Bynum, who is recovering from bone bruises in both knees, received the injections to help provide some cushion and comfort for the remainder of the 2013 NBA season.

A Sixers’ spokesman said the appointment was scheduled previously and is not a setback.

The 25-year-old center is expected to return to rehab and working out with the Sixers as soon as Sunday.

Prior to receiving his Synvisc injections, Bynum was seen participating in agility drills with lots of lateral movement and stops and starts at the 76ers practice on Tuesday. He also jumped a bit during his shooting drills, throwing down a couple of monsterous dunks at the end of the workout.

Despite the optimism surrounding Bynum’s return, 76ers head coach Doug Collins made it clear he is not looking to rush his star center.

“I think he’s feeling better. The one thing we have to understand is that he’s not all of a sudden going to jump into a five-on-five scrimmage,” Collins said. “We’re excited about that and hopefully we can continue to win games and put ourselves in position to do something to close out the season.”

Bynum also said he was going to exercise caution with his comeback.

“I want it to go smoothly. I don’t want any setbacks,” Bynum said on Monday. “If I go out there, I’ll do something stupid.”

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